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A Deo-gasm is when women receive multiple orgasms at the sight of a deo
"Look Stacy there is a deo ahead of us""OMG he is so amazing I just had a Deo-gasm"
by Dave45879 May 23, 2010
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When a deodorant can is sprayed in a room and the scent fills the air. If the smell is good then all ladies instantly have a 'Deo-Gasm'. A Deo-Gasm involves closing eyes, sniffing in large amounts and groaning in a satisfied manner.
*Chhhhht* <-Deodorant Sprayed
Girl 1- Ooooh! thats soooo niiiice, you smell so niiice! mmmmmmmm Deo-Gasm!
Deodorised Man- Ohhhhh yeehhhh
by Fraz-Mannn! August 16, 2009

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