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When a guy gets completely rejected or denied after asking a girl out.
Guy: Babe, you're a solid 6, where I come from that's a 10
Girl: Get the hell out of here!
Random bystander:DENNIHILATED!
by Jhacob! August 22, 2010
portmanteau of "denied" and "annihilated," indicating utter domination, humiliation and disgrace at the hands of a rival.
Jon R: Yo, the Detroit Lions just got dennihilated.

Tim R: No shit.
by timr21 September 15, 2011
To be in denial of inebriation (aka: annihilation) from substance abuse.

Making a fool of oneself.

Hardcore denial of anything could always be referenced as dennihilation.
That man/woman is dennihilated.

Sluring incoherent sentences about how "ok" they still are or how "not drunk" they are.

Getting your shot swatted: "Damn! He just got dennihilated"

Getting shut down by a girl
by G$Money$Millionaire February 20, 2014
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