a complete bitch that no one likes
dang that girl is being such a denise
by a....a December 11, 2011
An attractive mother who is usually married to a rich man. She spends most of her days shopping, getting her nails and hair done, at coffee with friends and watching Oprah, while her children are at day care and her husband is at work. Often extremely spoiled and have not worked since their children were born.
I know this working lady, she is a denise...
by samsam91 December 10, 2010
A Denise is adorable. She will do anything for her friends/family. A Denise is very smart but not in a nerdy way. She is one of the most creative girls you will ever meet. Her beautiful long hair will throw you off guard during a conversation. She is a loyal friend and you are lucky if you have her in your life💟
Friend one: wow she is so beautiful
Friend two: of course she's a Denise
by Lizzy💟 April 29, 2016

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