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Demus or also known as Demus The Demus in some boxes of Africa. Demus is a species that is very similar to humans.
How to spot a Demus:
1. ALWAYS wears sweatpants!
2. NEVER eats school food! (For more information scroll down)
3. Originated from WEST Africa, unlike homo sapiens whom where originated from EAST Africa.

Information about food:
1. Eats Cream Cheese with 3 NOT 1 BUT 3 layers of bread. BUT WAIT ! There's more! He eats it everyday!
2. SunnyD, nuff said.
3. Transformers lunchbox. (If evolved it will now have a brown lunch box.)
4. Sweatpants.
5. Sonic the Hedgehog (Scroll down for more info.)

For more information
AKA he thinks he is sonic (which is not real).
Bob: Hey look over there, he looks just like a demus!
Trollduea: Yah! Your right he does !
by Demus September 17, 2012
(noun) - A name given to a person who ditches one person for another.
Taylor: Are you still texting Matt?
Cassi: No, he stopped texting me.
Taylor: Well he's still texting me.
Cassi: What a demus!
by BookieRevolution October 24, 2009
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