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One who will constantly irritate their boss for the latest greatest technological device(s).
"Man thats a cool new phone, when do I get one? Stop being such a Dempster"
by Ojomar Khandy February 24, 2009
9 4
The Dempster Highway a road that streaches over 200miles,located in northern canada you can see the northern lights on a good day.
hey lets go down the Dempster highway and see the northern lights
by AZMO1986 October 26, 2008
1 1
The name Dempster comes from the word Demitre which means Judge. this is the english versian,
The Dempster told me me to be a coward
by AZMO1986 October 26, 2008
3 3
The worst closer to ever take the mound in the 161 years of baseball.
And Dempster walks in the winning run and the Cubs lose 7-6 in the bottom of the ninth.
by Dusty B September 27, 2006
9 11