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Two of the biggest problems in America right now.
I hate Democrats and Republicans!
by Clinker May 17, 2008
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Republicans are evil
Democrats are stupid
Together they make a evil and stupid plans
Those democrats and republicans are creating stupid and evil plan to pass a stupid and evil budget.
by lolurfaceisodd August 11, 2011
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They have deep dark fudgey feelings for eachother.
by Torg February 16, 2005
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Republican folks will come right out and say that they oppose the new world order but the Republican politicians won't.
Democrats whether the politicians or the folks will come right out and say they are for the new world order while simultaneously trying to bash the Republicans over Bush and the New World Order.
Bill Clinton signed every bit of NWO legislation into being.Democrats run around saying "borders are archaic" which makes them altogether from top to bottom evil NWO supporters and indisputible fascist GHW Bush Sr. supporters and Nazis.Bill Clinton is still out there blazing the trail of the NWO with his CGI garbage.
Democrats and Republicans suck.All Democrats suck,the people and the politicians.And Republican politicians suck.
by you suck October 06, 2006
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