One of two main political parties in the United States of America, the other being the republican party. Although previously popular, liberalism is thought to have died in 1980 with the election of Ronald Reagan. In light of all the good he did and republicans since his time, the democratic party has dissolved into nothing more than a semi strung together group of radical, misinformed, modern hippies with little respect for their freedom.

The basic democrat values center around redistribution of wealth, enviromentalism, pro abortion and gay marriage, anti war, high taxes, care for the poor, and a principally philanthropic state. Let's look deeper into this:

Redistribution of wealth is basically taking from the rich to give to poor (very Robin Hood-esque). However, liberalism makes it so that anyone who is successful and has made their way up the rigorous economic and business ladder, must give all their money away to pay for someone else's welfare, free medical care, etc. In that sense, the democratic party is often credited with caring for the poor and republicans caring only for the rich. However, liberalism promotes spoon feeding the incompetent, while conservatism promotes hard work and having each citizen make their own living and moreover, control their own lives. Therefore, liberalism is also well credited with being "too involved" in the citizen's lives.

The democrat party is also largely in favor of gay marriage and pro choice abortion. They are in favor of changing a very long and well preserved tradition, that in every culture around the world, is customarily only held between a man and woman. They promote the resistance to this as "gay bashing" and oppression, even though the straight ones are merely attempting to preserve an ancient custom. And as for abortion, democrats justify their beliefs in abortion as being "pro choice," implying that women are being oppressed and "not allowed to control their own bodies." However, once a woman becomes impregnated, the baby (no, not the thing) is no longer her actual body, but the body belonging to another living being that is able to move, think, dream, etc. The anti-responsibility ideal of liberalism shine through again in their pro abortion stand point, making it so that no woman would ever have to care about closing her legs again. (Not to mention, the proposed bill to legalize partial birth abortion, which is basically when, at 7 or later of pregnancy, the woman is given drugs to force her into labor. The doctor then proceeds to put a device around the baby's head to crush its skull when it's only partially out of his/her mother. Luckily this bill was not passed, although many democrats, including John Kerry, were overjoyed to vote in favor of it.)

Democrats also credit themselves with being the only ones who are concerned about the environment. However, this is not entirely true. Although they are much more radical about the environment, fearful of any person stepping on a blade of grass, saying that global warming will kill us all if we do. Republicans are also largely concerned about the environment, introducing many new hibred cars, although the majority of democrats are known to still drive the "large" SUV's. Global warming is still very much in question by many, and seeing as how the enviroment is constantly changing and going through different stages, this could merely be another one of its changes. However, one can never be sure either way.

And lastly, what democrats are most famous for: anti war, anti American views. The crux of all liberalism, which many fail to see, is the pure, unadulterated hate of America. Liberals like to see America fail, it's as clean and simple as that. This newfound trend of unpatriotism, can also be rooted in the fact that because George Bush, a republican, decided to go to war, in order to really bring him down, the only way is to not support the war, and consiquently, bring America down with them (all in a cruel attempt to bring down the republican party). Any democrats constant slurring of the war does little to help the troops over in Iraq. Liberals also fail to understand the basis of this war: when one country attacks you and threatens the welfare of your citizens (9/11), it is the governmental responsiblity to take action and ensure their citizen's safety. So in this right, democrats become anti American safety. And thus, republicans are in firm agreement of the War in Iraq, because just like the next person, I enjoy not having an airplane crash into my house and kill me. We can also look at specific democrats, John Kerry, the democratic nominee for president in 2004, was a veteran of Vietnam, but threw his medals into the gutter in a public display of American hate, protesting God knows what.

Which brings me to my next and final point: the art of bashing, democrat style. Liberals are constantly, either through various media outlets or just through conversation, making fun of anything associated with republicans, and often, America as an entity. The non stop Bush attacks, republican attacks, can be seen in any copy of anything associated with Time (LA Times, NY Times, Time Magazine), on various news stations (CNN, CBS, etc.), and on NPR (National Public Radio) (however the radio is largely republican dominated). Thus, democrats have become nothing more than a group of spineless people with no political stand or lasting opinion that must result to bashing all republicans. This is also widely seen in Hollywood actors (who ironically make quite a bit of money, yet the liberal party is "in support" of the poor?).

Thus, liberalism has died, and is continuing to do so, yet these people refuse to go down without a fight. Furthermore, republicans now control all three branches of government (House, Senate, Cabinant), another reason why libearlism has died out. And therefore, we have successfully defined a democrat: a hipocrit.
The democrat is hugging a tree.

Why is the democrat raising taxes? Why is the democrat giving my money away?

The democrat hates America for some mysterious, unknown reason.

Wait, aren't you close minded, anti Amreican democrats supposed to be "open minded"?
by TheKatherine June 28, 2006
1)someone who cares greatly what foriegners think such as Slavs, Frogs, and Krauts. Even despite the fact that the USA has defeated or saved all these people numerous times.
2) people that say they stand for the little man, despite all poor people vote republican and all rich people vote democrat.
3) people that want to cut the military funding even though foriegn nations in the middle east are getting more aggressive every second
People like Hillary Clinton are carpet bagging democrats that have never had a real job in their lives.
by popisdead February 07, 2005
A member of the Democratic Party. a democrat is Someone who is too busy making fun of the president to actually do anything useful.

I know calling names is pointless, so here are some examples of democrats:
1.)John Kerry (democrat)- "You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq."
2.) Greenday (democrats)- contrary to common beleif, THEY SUCK! Dont want to be an American idiot? hmm ok then LEAVE! "One nation controlled by the media'- Newsflash you are part of the media!

I do not agree with the democratic party
by gabbagabbahey December 31, 2006
A member of the political party in the United States who believes the gubberment is supposed to provide anyone's basic needs who is unable to provide it for their self. This fallacy falls apart when people choose not to work and prefer to go on welfare because they can. Further decay will occur when items such as iPods, Cellphones, and Escalades are redefined as basic needs. See Socialist, Communist
"Damn Democrats are going to be the death of this country." - Some Damn Republican
by hillsurfer March 24, 2007
(this is a stereotype so all democrats are not like this)
someone who believes that it is ok to kill babies but wrong to kill trees.

someone who believes that gay marriage should be legal and therefore supports homosexuals.

someone who settles for peace as opposed to making peace and allows terrorists to attempt to defeat the nation and kill all of it's people without fighting back.

someone who thinks that all the complexity of mankind came from 2 atoms which randomly existed miraculously hit breaking the rule that order came from chaos.

someone who admires the french.

someone who is a dumbass.
democrat: ima democrat!!
Republican: That is rather unfortunate.
by Caas January 25, 2007
A Democrat is anyone who

Is a pussy, and wants our country to do bombed and taken over.

Is poor, on welfare.

Likes taxes (excessive taxes).

Hates America.

Hates Babies and wants to kill them.

Wants to change all the good things in America.

A smeely pot smoking hippie.

Pretty much anyone in general without a brain

So to put it in easy words AN IDIOT.
Democrat: (Inhales weed) Ahhhhhh.... those taxes are just great. If i could ever get a girlfreind i would make sure to get an abortion... but i will never get a girlfreind.

Normal Person: I have to go to work.

Democrat: I don't have to i just stay home, and get welfare checks.

Normal Person: Bye.... loser.

Democrat: STOP WAR MAN so we can get bombed.
by John Everyman April 09, 2008
The supposed sworn enemies of the Republicans, despite often phrasing eerily similar rhetoric in different words. One of the two political parties whose politicians win almost every election. They want us to believe that they're the liberals...and people actually buy it.
"He was a registered Democrat, but he went nonpartisan. Can't say I blame him."
by Qit February 25, 2004
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