A member of the political party in the United States who believes the gubberment is supposed to provide anyone's basic needs who is unable to provide it for their self. This fallacy falls apart when people choose not to work and prefer to go on welfare because they can. Further decay will occur when items such as iPods, Cellphones, and Escalades are redefined as basic needs. See Socialist, Communist
"Damn Democrats are going to be the death of this country." - Some Damn Republican
by hillsurfer March 24, 2007
(this is a stereotype so all democrats are not like this)
someone who believes that it is ok to kill babies but wrong to kill trees.

someone who believes that gay marriage should be legal and therefore supports homosexuals.

someone who settles for peace as opposed to making peace and allows terrorists to attempt to defeat the nation and kill all of it's people without fighting back.

someone who thinks that all the complexity of mankind came from 2 atoms which randomly existed miraculously hit breaking the rule that order came from chaos.

someone who admires the french.

someone who is a dumbass.
democrat: ima democrat!!
Republican: That is rather unfortunate.
by Caas January 25, 2007
A Democrat is anyone who

Is a pussy, and wants our country to do bombed and taken over.

Is poor, on welfare.

Likes taxes (excessive taxes).

Hates America.

Hates Babies and wants to kill them.

Wants to change all the good things in America.

A smeely pot smoking hippie.

Pretty much anyone in general without a brain

So to put it in easy words AN IDIOT.
Democrat: (Inhales weed) Ahhhhhh.... those taxes are just great. If i could ever get a girlfreind i would make sure to get an abortion... but i will never get a girlfreind.

Normal Person: I have to go to work.

Democrat: I don't have to i just stay home, and get welfare checks.

Normal Person: Bye.... loser.

Democrat: STOP WAR MAN so we can get bombed.
by John Everyman April 09, 2008
The supposed sworn enemies of the Republicans, despite often phrasing eerily similar rhetoric in different words. One of the two political parties whose politicians win almost every election. They want us to believe that they're the liberals...and people actually buy it.
"He was a registered Democrat, but he went nonpartisan. Can't say I blame him."
by Qit February 25, 2004
A member if the defeatist cocksuckers party. The party's positions include the following repugnant traits and beliefs: Being invested in the United States' defeat in the War on Terror, turning every political issue into an agenda-driven, Bush-bashing event, endorsing gay marriage and the pro-anal sex movement, opposing the execution of the most heinous and vile murders and supporting the slaughter of unborn children, stealing the money of those who have earned it via our great capitalist economy, creating endless government social programs and bureaucracies and polluting the nation with government handouts, supporting the burning of the American flag with glee, despising Christianity and the religious-right while at the same time embracing Islam and Allah with open arms, opposing the concept of personal responsibility, supporting the smoking of cannabis and other intoxicants/drugs, pandering, a detestation of the Second Amendment, supporting the concept of Big Government and the repeal of our freedoms, and overall - and above all else - contributing to the downfall of this fine nation.
America has two major political parties: Republican and Defeatist - oh, sorry - I meant Republican and Democrat.

In the 2006 elections, I cannot comprehend why so many Americans voted against their own country and put the Democrats in control of the House and Senate. Lord forgive them and have mercy on their souls, for they know not what they have done.
by Pimpmaster Pete May 20, 2007
African-Americans (black people)
The origins of this definition come from the fact that 95% of African-Americans are members of the Democratic Pary.
Northeast DC is full of Democrats.
by dmy5 May 09, 2005
1: A person who supports democracy
2: A person who supports a one of the numerous parties known as the "Democratic Party". Some democratic parties include: The US Democratic Party, Australian Democrats andthe New Zealand Democratic Party.
1: He, as a democrat, believes that the best way to choose the leader of a country is to hold an election.
2:I am a democrat, so I will vote for the Democrats in the election.
by Josh You Are November 02, 2008

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