A very overrated "pop star" and "actress". Spends most of her time trying to generate buzz by complaining about everything under the sun and trying to start feuds with more relevant celebrities, usually by claiming that they are somehow making fun of eating disorders for reasons that she pulls out of her ass. This is her main method of getting attention because she fails to do so with her music, which is mediocre at best and her acting, which makes the actors in your local commercials look like they deserve an Oscar in comparison.

She surrounds herself with her rabid, lunatic fans whom are known as "Lovatics". It sounds like a disease for a reason. They look to her as some sort of goddess, despite her lack of talent or remarkability of any kind. They also think she's a "bad ass" and a "rebel" even though she's about as edgy as a 12-year-old posting pictures of themselves giving the finger on Facebook.
Maybe if Demi Lovato focused more on her career instead of the next thing she's going to whine about on Twitter her music wouldn't suck so bad.
by Hriz August 11, 2014
One of the least talented actresses and singers on the planet, if you can even call her that. Easily despisable, and should probably just fall off the planet.
Dude, Demi Lovato sucks ass so bad.
by magic pants lolwtf January 27, 2011
Demi Lovato is an 18 year old singer/songwriter and actress. Who works for disney and hollywood records. She is loved by millions all over the world for her beauty, style, voice and talent. Her most populer roles are Mitchie Torres in Camp rock and Camp Rock 2 and Sonny Munroe in Sonny a Chance. She is also know for her work with charities mainly for teens who are bullyed, for she was a victim of bulling as well.
She also has a unique style to her songs and almost all of them are writen about somebody in her life.
She also dated Joe Jonas for a while much to Joe fans dismay and Jemi fans delight.
In November of 2010 she checked into a treatment centre to deal with self harming and an eating disorder.
She is now out and is on the road to recovery.

Now she is a contributing editor to seventeen mag.
Demi Lovato is my idol and if you don't like her... well you need to be in a nut house because you have problems. Plus if you don't like her... why are you looking her up?!?
Demi hater: Lets see... Demi Lovato new single? (Types) Most likely filled with rubbish lyrics and poor tunes.
Demi Lover: Don't talk to demi like that! She had millions of fans would would likely rip you up!
Demi hater: Well good look getting past the gates because im in a mental institution!! HAHA!!!
Demi Lover: For a good reason!! DEMI RULES!!! Long live lovatics!!!
by Sonny/Demi/MusicLover2011 May 07, 2011
An amazing 18year old singer/actress and dancer.

best known for her role as Mitchie on Camp Rock and Sonny from Sonny With A Chance.
currently has two albums, a third due to be released late 2011.
girl:did you see Camp Rock yesterday?
friend:yeah wasn't Demi Lovato amazing?
girl: yeah! i love her voice
by demifan2011 February 01, 2011
A dramatic, fake whore that puts all mental illnesses girls to shame. Girls in actual recovery, girls actually battling demons. Not a fake fame hungry girl who wants sympathy and had a mental breakdown from being shot into fame. And shes not even that famous.
You know that girl Demi Lovato?
She says she did drugs!
Oh of course...
And that she was bullied.
Wow go check out that tumblr about her being a bully.

Shes fake.
by AvalonButterfly December 12, 2013
Demi Lovato is a complete and total attention whore. she thinks that because she was in rehab shes great. although in all actuality, she is talent less, ugly, annoying and an attention whore. Demi deserves to be hated because she is an all around bad person
friend: i like demi lovato
me:you deserve to die
Friend: why?
me: shes a talent less, ugly, attention whore
by jenna-marie November 27, 2012
A singer with that huge embarrassing smile.
Loves writing songs about having a heart attack.

Recently shot a lesbian scene in some freakin movie.

Demi Lovato and Miley are like twins!
by Sjshs October 22, 2013

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