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Demar is a person who looks out for you help you motivate you will go the extreme for you caring loyal
Demar (caring)
by sweetsbee753 July 11, 2013
A derrogatory term for a french teacher. Never gives homework and lets class erupt into chaos on a regular basis.
Student: Hey Demars! Are you gonna give us some home work or not???

French Teacher: Omlet du Fromage!!!!!!
by OrangeGuyXD13 July 09, 2009
a faggot as mutha fucker who attends riodan igh school in san francisco which makes him gayer. He also stinks like shit.
Damn u r actin like Demar, a faggot ass fat mo fo.

You smell like Demar, a dirty bitch
by thizz May 09, 2005
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