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(de-lump-shous) The state/act of bein delicious and scrumptious at the same time.
Yo Pete, that food was delumptious.

Yo Rich, that girl is lookin real delumptious.
by Rich Connell April 25, 2007
An adjective used to describe something that is too delicious to be scrumptious or too scrumptious to be delicious ; used to describe something that is neither delicious or scrumptious but a mixture of the both.
sarah: Wow this cake is delicious!!
marion: No, it's scrumptious!!
sara: Your both wrong! It is delumptious!!!

Lara: these cookies are delumptious!

TJ: man that girl is delumptious looking.
by thebunnyhairedchild June 14, 2009
One who is both DELICIOUS and SCRUMPTIOUS.

Synonyms: Scrummy, Yummy, Lummy, Mmm, Fit-as, Cor-blimey-guv'na, Strikin'

Antonyms: Doggish, Mank, Rough-as, Paper-bag-material, Best-covered, Don't-even-go-there
Damn bitch, you look god damn DELUMPTIOUS.
by E-CliPse October 21, 2003
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