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The Greek letters of the Greatest dorm that was ever created. Notre Dame's finest and classiest men live in this wonderful building that is full of beer, tradition, classy ties, and beer. Every year, Alumni Hall put up their letters (Delta Omega Gamma) twice (for frosh-o and for Wake Week, a classy festival with wine and cheese).
Alumni kid:Hey man, did you chill during Wake Week with the blessed men of Alumni Hall?

Dillon kid: No, I didn't, but it sounds awesome. I saw Delta Omega Gamma up facing south quad. I wish we had Greek letters. Can I come next year?

Alumni kid: Hell no!!

by Alumni Guy April 21, 2008
D.O.G. A really ugly person.
He is the president of the Delta Omega Gamma Fraternity.
by Renee November 12, 2003
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