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Going to the toilet and leaving a present there without flushing for the next occupant.To destroy the toilet bowl and not flush.
"I went to use the bathroom and someone had done a Delson"

"Woaaah dude thats a major Delson"

"She's known for her rottweiler size delsons"

"Kids flush when you go to the bathroom dont do a delson"
by Woogy_Warg August 23, 2011
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a natural predator; a sassy animal or "thing".

Someone who is random. (Very Random.)

Know as a sassypants.

(can be used with deli in front of it)
Dude, your such a Delson.

Stop being a deli Delson.

That was really Delson.
by sassy1229 December 15, 2010
A child you have after being raped by someone you hate.
it came about after a friend combined my name, Nelson, with another kid, Dennis, and then a friend invented the definition.
Say you get raped by a really creepy person that you've always hated. if you choose to keep the kid, he would be a Delson
by Nelson Jones March 29, 2005
{Delson} is the cutest, sweetest little boy you will ever meet, he is open minded, happy, loving and very welcoming. he will do anything to make you smile, and he loves with all his heart <3
wow that boy is so sweet, his name must be Delson
by littlemonster4247 January 04, 2015

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