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A movie with voices of Jennifer Love Hewitt & Freddie Prince Jr, that's a rip off of every film ever made.Which makes it unsettling. A movie that probably wasn't advertised on tv, probably because they might have known it sucks. It only grossed about $500,000 having it the lowest release opening earnings.Because it was extremely disturbing.
I'd rather eat shit then watch that disturbing movie Delgo.
by browngirlsdonttakebs January 23, 2009
A movie ripped off by James Cameron's Avatar.
- Dude, did you see how similar Avatar looks to Delgo?

- Yeah, bro, that's because Avatar ripped it off
by Delgovatar August 26, 2009
A dog's vagina.
Look at that delgo. It is on a dog and it is also that dog's vagina.
by Delgo4Life December 14, 2008
A shitty movie which attempted to make money by suing a great movie (Avatar) for being better than it.

Also known as: The retards who thought they were good at making movies and decided to try to ruin everyone's fun with a lawsuit when they found out they suck.
It's James Cameron, man. Fucking Delgo.
by Wolf Sage June 29, 2010
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