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A writer, a true person, a book berd, listens to great music, loves Harry Potter, has a hot boyfriend, great style without trying, everyone's friend, beautiful girl, amazing girl, awesome girl, resides in a small town, lovable, all around magnificent.
Man that girl is really a Delaney.
by Molly June 17, 2006
to shart in a crew boat in the middle of the piece. Usually makes it harder to breath for other rowers. This can cause unwanted results for the fellow rowers, and the boat as a whole.
Jermey:"Dude, ben just pulled a delaney."
Josh(in response to Jermey):"OH MY JESUS,I can't breath, help, I can't pull!"
by Aharding96 October 24, 2010
a book worm, but has bad grades, isnt athletic, doesnt like to be in situtations, is a goody to shoes, has friends, and hug a delaney u know! always wants to make things better not bad!
delaney: no i dont want to go see the fight! we should end world hunger instead!
person 1: um no thank you
delaney: fine ill just go read a book and check my grades. OF COURSE A F- in EVERYTHING! ill just read my book now..
by im am soo not a delaney December 02, 2011
total bitch. shes such a wannabe whore and thinks all the guys love her. shes a total lesbo and goes on trips with starngers and thinks shes the shit..well she is shit i can tell ya that! she believes that if shes had a thing with or gone out with one guy, no other girl can mark on him....like a dog. she pees on her territory and you cant go in. shes really fat so she needs to get a personal trainer to help her loose the weight..newsflash its not going anywhere.
Dude that girl is such a Delaney. kill me now
by tatas4lyfe2121 February 17, 2011
A girl who pretends to be your friend then talks shit behind your back, claims to eat healthy but really gets McDonald's every day, has way higher standards than she deserves, and looks like Tweedle Dee.
"That bitch is fucking round! She's a total Delaney!"
by gummyballoons February 03, 2010
When somebody has really bad, usually dark, roots.
Karen, your hair is getting really Delaney. You should go for touch ups soon.
by Bubbbbbszz October 12, 2008