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A type of girl that no one wants to mess with. She is rough and tough, like a cowboy. Or rather, a cowgirl. She may talk dirty but don't let that fool you, she is not a whore. Well most of the time anyway.. Delainys are hard to find and get fiesty when tickled in the right places
Did you see that chick just walk by?
Holy sh*t that's a Delainy!
by Monkeyfacewarrior12 June 21, 2010
The perfect hot girl that always has a sense of humor, she is so sweet, and is a sexy chick that is not a whore (some say that delainys are whores), but she is an all out perfect girl that everyone wants to be with and everyone likes her.
Guy 1: Delainy is hot!
Guy 2: I know right!
Guy 1: I think she's taken though..
Guy 2: You will have your chance.
by Better Posts May 14, 2015
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