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A just more awesomer replacement for uninstall.
"move over uninstall here comes deinstall!"
by Firawen May 19, 2008
The OpenOffice 3.3 uninstall takes you to which would make a non-believer believe that deinstall is a real word.
deinstall? deinstall!
by black morgek November 28, 2011
not really a word unless you work at small payment processing company in Decatur, Illinois where people think that it means "to unisntall". more specifically, to remove all installed equipment & software from a payment location.
Really? they are still taking payments? Thats weird we just deinstalled them last week.
by fourzeven December 17, 2007
the act of reversing an installation of hardware or software in the pre-press printing industry
"Hey, Bob! Did you get a chance to deinstall the workflow software? And while you're at it, don't forget to deinstall the magnetic drum!"
by RodYVR May 28, 2005
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