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1. When a video that is being streamed over the internet fails to play during a lecture, presentation, etc. This generally occurs because the video is unable to buffer fast enough.

2. Internet Video Fail

Although the phenomena has surely existed for some time it has been dubbed "Degiglio'd," in honor of Ken Degiglio. Ken is a teacher who never seems to be able to play his videos when he wants too during his lectures. This results in much awkward fumbling, pathetic excuses, and other actions no man should partake in, or condone.

It should be clear to all that to be Degligio'd is too fail.
The lecture started out great until Ken decided to introduce some multimedia courtesy of the internet. Unfortunately the internet wasn't in the mood for it and Ken soon found himself thoroughly Degiglio'd. After all his pathetic excuses and awkward fumbling he hardly had the energy to finish the lecture. Deep inside Ken prayed he would never be Degiglio'd again but he already knew he was doomed.
by Doogenbach August 09, 2010

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