To be well aware of all things regarding news and delivered in an amazing fashion.
Did you hear about what happened?
Of course I'm Defranco.
by sxesaul September 21, 2011
Top Definition
De-Frank-O - is a word that refers to the Latin term "frank" meaning extremely bad in the ass see Badass, which over the course of many generations is now refereed to as simply badass. The Pre-fix de is from the greek word meaning All knowing or wise. The suffix "o" refers to the general math term meaning Everything.

Together it forms "all knowing badass of everthing"

There is currently a nation of these all knowing badass of everthing
You are a Defranco today!

defranco sxephil defranco'd aweome cool awesome
by CatLover99 September 21, 2011
To sneeze during oral sex.
I DeFrancoed while I was going down on her last night... it was messy, i had to wash my face after.

Girl 1: I'm scared that I might DeFranco while I'm up to my chin: the hairs tickle my nose!
Girl2: yeah, i did that once and nearly bit it off... tell him to shave
by i_says September 23, 2011
DeFranco - (adj) a state of mind in which one is excited to the point he or she is compelled to veraciously respond to external stimuli.

(n) 1. the act of passionately expressing a view or opinion. 2. one who is bluntly honest.
"Don't make me get DeFranco. You won't like me when I'm DeFranco."

"Oh, but don't let me get on a DeFranco. I could go on for hours."
by Cappie-ton September 22, 2011
The Feeling of Awesomeness you get after standing up for something you Believe in.
DeFranco - Standing up for someone or something special to you and when you're done you get that awesome feeling.
by Stimpson September 22, 2011
when a person jumps, shits, and then catches said shit, mid air
my mom walked on me while i was doin da defranco...

she gave me tips
by supreme saiyan October 02, 2011
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