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Defiant + Entertainment = Defient. Defient is the label lead by the winner of Lyor Cohen's "Biz" reality show, Greg Calloway. Defient and team were on the cover of music industry magazine, Billboard, 7/21/07. They were also the title sponsors of the 2nd Annual Ozone Awards and Tjs Djs Conference which aired on the MTV network. Defient is also known for having these really cool BMW's with Defient on each side which are featured in Dj Khaled's "I'm so hood," video. Defient is currently working with those kids that are really big on myspace, Jon Young & J Cash ( Cleveland's new star, Corey Bapes. Releases are due in 2008.
Defient's CEO jumped up on a table and said, "I wanna be so big in whatever I do, gotta put your balls on the table." Very defiant.
by Jayson Barone September 06, 2007
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