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Defensitive, an adjective, is used to describe someone who is being both defensive, AND sensitive.
Anthony: I don't think this was your best work.
Charlotte: Well... you don't ever give me credit for what I do... and ...
Anthony: Char... don't be so defensitive... I'm just being honest.
by AnthonySofine July 29, 2011
2 1
A combination of the words defensive and sensitive. Used to describe someone who is very defensive and sensitive about a particular subject or person, usually for no reason. Commonly associated with people who overreact.
So what happened between you and Amanda?
Okay sorry, don't be so defensitive
by Hewhosubmits February 08, 2010
7 1
When you have the nerve to get hurt feelings because somebody called you out on something you did wrong.
I became extremely defensitive when she wanted to discuss why I lied to her.
by SlimShugga February 16, 2014
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