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A person whos only attractive or appealing photo is there Facebook/Myspace profile picture.
Example 1:
Eric: Dude check out this girl's facebook page. She is so hot.

Alec: Bro, I just went through her photo collection. She is only hot in her profile picture. She's a Default Hottie.

Example 2:
(Stefania receives a friend request from an attractive guy)

Stefania: Wow this guy's profile picture is hot! Let me go through his photos!

(Stefania views many photos where the guy adding her looks quite sluggish, pimply, greasy, dirty, baggy-eyed, dingy, and fat)

Stefania: Boy was I wrong about this guy. None of the photos of him are sexy...he's just a Default Hottie.
by Andy Randy March 16, 2010

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