The process of getting over the break-up wherein you need to cleanse and purify your heart and soul, peeling off all the negativity of the relationship that has ended.
Nolana thought, "I should take Barbara's advise, and do some kind of cleansing ritual to get over that sad excuse for a fiancee. I know! Why don't I book myself a trip to Tahiti where I can properly de-ex myself? I'll swim in the Pacific, dance with the sexiest Tahitian dancers... eat wonderful food... ahhhh. I"m starting to feel rejuvenated already."
by nolana plume August 25, 2009
Top Definition
To look at something.
" Here mate gis a deex of that! "
" Have a deex of this.. "
by ridlarh December 17, 2007
1. To have a go/shot
Let me have a deex of your car

Can I just deex on msn

Giz a deex of this drink
by Turni July 19, 2006
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