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The look you get when you walk into a fine looking establishment for some mellow pre-drinks and walk out at 6am missing your shoe.
Boys "Hey girls how you doin' let me make some drinks"
Girls "We got some dinner ready, lets eat"
___Night continues___
(sharpie marker is out, thug life is on your belly)
(your wearing mini mouse ears and a girl isn't wearing pants)
(you are rolling around the floor and Queso is biting your socks)
(A girl comes home with a patio lamp)
(you start a band and smoke weed)
Girls" can you go to sevy and get pancake ingredients?"
Boys " yHAfnbasdngshjbha BRB!!!!"
____crepes and nutella_____
(we pull out the murphey and pull out couch)
(10 people sleep over)
(people leave randomly as they wake up)

your shirt is ripped and you can't find your shoe...

you got deerfaced.
by DEERDIARIES.BLOGSPOT.COM September 09, 2010
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