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Medical condition in which inflammation of the esophagus occurs caused from excessive penile insertion through the throat.

Symptoms include: irritation of tonsils, esophagus, excessive coughing, raspy voice, or loss of gag reflex, watering of the eyes, possible vomiting, excessive salivation. This disease is currently in curable yet certain at-home remedies can subside the condition. (i.e. Honey, throatcoat, gargling salt water, copious use of cocaine)

Most commonly found on street corners, night clubs, adult film productions, college campuses, EDM festivals, nursing homes, and Mexican Donkey Farms.
"After getting skull fucked the way I did last night, I woke up with a serious case of deepthritis."

"Mom I can't go to school today, I can barely even talk, my deepthritis must be flaring up again"
by BellaBellaBoo June 12, 2014
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