A hood that has been made out of the two cities Lauderhill and Sunrise, Florida. Deepside is one of the toughest hoods in all of Fort Lauderdale. People who live in deepside use the numbers 5519 to represent their hood.
I rep deepside 5519 all day
by Ashanda May 31, 2007
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In essence, the city of Lauderhill, with a very small portion of eastern Sunrise. What many would refer to as, "the hood".
When I used to deliver furniture, I did it all over deepside because our store was in Lauderhill.
by Anonymous Man September 05, 2005
The "ghetto" side of Lauderhill, Florida. All references to something "ghetto" in the greater Fort Lauderdale area are said to be "deep side".
Ay dawg did you see the way that girl dressed today? She must be from the deep side.
by deepside$wag November 14, 2011
a fakeass group of wannabes that stole their hits "Lets make Love" "Lovely" "What I Need" from another underground group of singers
that new group deepside is so fake...they stole all they shit
by anonymous gurl March 28, 2007

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