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To be in trouble.
I shot the wrong asshole, now I'm in deep shit!
by Shinji Kusa November 29, 2003
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In a (very) bad situation
I'm walking alone in Detroit, thus I'm in deep shit
by Ikey July 12, 2006
"deep shit - n. the shit to end all shits; the best shit on God's green Earth"
Typically a shit in which you have expunged all the shit out of your anus in a deep grunt
"Man you've been on that deep shit for hours"
by Nikos2097 August 27, 2014
see shitfuck definitions 2, 3, 4

to be deep in fecal matter
my tire's in some deep shit...
by Bryant Z April 18, 2004
1. A person or informant who speaks nonsense and bullshitting when you actually need proper information on something or someone.

2. The opposite of Deep Throat.
Man A: So what else do I need to know about Elise? She's hot dude!

Man B: She likes coffee! ow yeah!

Man A: Dude, you're seriously a Deep Shit.
by adrammelech July 30, 2012

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