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1)The noise a person makes when they observe a member of the opposite sex too be quite attractive, and knows how too work it... work it good... very, very good.
2)The sound emmited from a persons mouth when they, themselves, or a good friend has hooked up with said member of opposite sex... hooked up all night long.
3)The noise a person makes when they see their friend screwing up all chances with said member of opposite sex, resulting in no sex... none at all.
Partier #1: Damn! Check out that ass!

Partier #2: Deeamn!

(Deeamn may also be followed by other words, such as, boy, man, or kid.)
Partier #1 notices partier #2 is leaving the party with possibly one of the hottest people there. to which Partier #1 responds, "Deeamn Boy!"

Partier #2 notices that Partier #1 is almost too drunk too walk and is trying to mac on everything that moves and failing... badly, to which Partier #2 responds, "Deeamn kid... (sigh)."
by Joe Pipal June 24, 2006
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