A beautiful person inside and out.Her smile is a place to remove the worlds darkness,her bosom is the softest place for a man to lay his head and forget the trouble life can bring,and heavens last best gift from God to man.
that girl is cute but definatly no DeeAnn
by mr.where they do dat at March 26, 2010
a older women who is nice at times but also mean, she never gets a long with her middel child. She always watching over her kids, but needs to learn how to give them speace. Her Middel child is the biggest handfull of them all, but you never learn to give her her space. Maybe if you let her be free you to would get a long better.
Dee Ann is a mother of 3 girls, and a wife to a man named jose
by labooboo(: December 17, 2009

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