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The process of the process of changing being ended.
A vote for (insert politician here) is a vote for the dechangimization of rising gas prices!
#dechangimization #dechangimize #dechangimizate #dechangimizationize #undechangimize
by CheesyPOOF5 August 01, 2008
To change the state of being changed by being change.
Dechangimization my car to green instead of yellow. (To change the state of the car becoming Yellow to becoming Green).
My Pickachu was dechangimizationized while being evolved. (The 'Pickachu' was being evolved to another form, but was changed from being changed.)
#change #undo #modify #alter #transform #transmute
by XXPX1, RavenX3, AtomicVII August 01, 2008
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