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A female, Age is irrelevant who puts on a straight persona strictly to integrate themselves into a straight relationship for whatever the reason. Most likely for Money, Drugs, Food, Shelter and/or something of Materialistic value they don’t already posses.

Other reasons for this style of deception coming into play may be that you’re Strange, to Short and look like a Mario Bro.

It’s hard to diagnose @ times, but with lack of options on your side it’s usually a pretty clean break.

Then, once said goals are accomplished they transform like a decptacon and are ready for a hot yoga sesh with her long time calm slam.
Ryan: Wow, I cant believe after all these months my girls actually as gay as a prism.

Tyler: Yeah you really gotta watch out for those "Deceptadikes".
#dike #clam #transform #deception #persona
by KarmaMagna November 06, 2010
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