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Someone who isn't necessarily punk, emo, metal or any of those, but someone who has a noticable abnormal or alternative style of clothing.
- Most people who define themselves death fuckers, are simply people who deny being labelled, and as deathfucker is a rather unknown label, they like to define themselves by that.

It's also someone who's expected to be very "out there" - as in, very open about everything in their life, and very energetic (and by energetic, I mean HYPER!) and can tend to be very offensive.

They also listen to a "different" kind of music. Usually you can't define it, for it can be everything from techno/trance, to hardcore punk rock. Mostly they listen to musc in the alternative, and hardcore range.

The term deathfucker was created in Denmark in the early 2007, by a bunch of boardingschool students. "Dødsfucker" they were called, which directly translated into English means Deathfucker.
She looked like an emo, but her wrists were intact. She msut be a deathfucker.
by Shaaae August 26, 2007

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