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A deathclaw is an enemy found and fought in the "Fallout" series by Bethesda. Deathclaws have a somewhat dinosaur-like apearance with a raptor like body, razor sharp teeth, horns, and trademark claws on each hand. They are incredibly fast, have incredibly high health and are known for forcing a player to waste a copious amount of ammunition for little reward other than experience. Any true Fallout player has had at least 3 nightmares involving deathclaws, bad condition power armor and nothing but a ten millimeter pistol.
Oh fuck, it's a fucking death claw... fuck

Hey it seems like everything is going pretty well... oh wait there's a deathclaw, never mind.
the hardest enemy to kill in Fallout 3. They can be seen killing super mutant behemoths.
goddamnit, there is a fickin death claw. Now i cant complete quests
by symple jack February 18, 2009

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