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One who is a huge fan of Death Metal and it's subgenres.
Bob: I am a DeathHead.

Harry: What is that?

Bob: Someone who loves Death Metal and it's subgenres.

Harry: Oh! We should all be DeathHead's because Death Metal rules.
by DeathHead August 03, 2007
1 someone obsessed with death. not necessarily a goth or emo queer.
2 a mega fan of wednesday 13.
3 a hardcore graverobber
eg1 billy: wow you sure are obsessed with death... im gonna call you a... death-liking-person-thing
shaun: no, no im a death head

eg2 i love wednesday so much. im proud to be a death head. i wish he'd lay his eggs in my throat....

eg3 shaun: i love you christina
christina: sorry im a death head!!!
shaun: so i cant love you becasue ur a hardcore graverobber?
christina: ....yes
by finnigan July 02, 2006
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