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A death roll is an activity best enjoyed by crocodiles. they death roll to kill there prey. can often be confused for a crocodile trying to scratch its back at australia zoo. the word Death roll is usually yelled by steve irwins wife when she sees this activity happening. most of the time it is actually a croc trying to scratch its back.
Watch out its death rolling!!
*asians taking photos*
by snowwy January 11, 2006
a deathroll is a very hurtful manoeuver that will kill for the ladies!
Dont worry men, you dont have to worry about being plugged...
basically its when a male and female are inserted and they do a "deathly sexual" roll on the floor.
enough said...
"Oh, no girl, you did that deathroll? Yeah! it killed, but oh was it deathly!"
by babycakes45 May 08, 2008

v. deathrolled, deathrolling, deathrolls

1. A situation in which a person is seriously inconvenienced due to an action, or in some cases inaction, of a separate party.

2. The intentional act of inconveniencing someone in such a way as to cause them signifcant additional work or effort.
"Rob was stuck in a deathroll when he answered a phone call everyone else refused to acknowledge."


"Anna's refusal to compile the weekly report resulted in a subsequent, never-ending deathroll for April."
by MisterOdd December 08, 2013
The same as "death toll", it's the list of dead people, victims of war. Total number of deaths. It's also the list of people someone wants to kill.
Children Of Bodom's album Hate Crew Deathroll is just plain badass.
by Mithferion June 02, 2011
When a girl doesnt show enough toe for the inspecta-Gator, he gives her the Death Roll.
<death roll>
<she doesnt make it out on the floor for her shift at The Toe>
by jinxproof August 18, 2006
A morbidly obese human
John: Dex, look at that dude near the ice cream truck!

Dexter: That's no dude. It's a bona fide deathroll.
by diffferentia July 10, 2008
The unavoidable, head splitting pain one gets when rolling over in bed with a severe hangover.
When I woke up this morning I did a deathroll and thought my head would explode.
by quatros August 08, 2008

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