A class added to World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Usually played by bad, keyboard-turning, children, who are loud and obnoxious.
hey Drexai look at that typical death knight, "drpxblooddk"

Dude i wish death knights were never added to the game D:
#death #knight #world #of #warcraft #wow #class #wrath #lich #king
by axie April 04, 2010
A class in World of Warcraft, currently the only Hero class, in which you play a tank/dps under whichever race you chose, except for the Pandaren. Considered to be over-powered against other classes by some people. Means, "I'm epic, fuck you".
Other players: I'm a Hunter, I'm overplayed and a cheap class to play!
You: Death Knight.
#death knight #world of warcraft #classes #death #knight
by Death Knight February 26, 2015
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