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Like Super Mario bros 3, Death Wish 3 was the best in it's series.
In Death Wish 3, Paul Kersey takes to the mean streets in the worst parts of crime infested 1980s New York where average citizens or "gentle people" are prohibited by law to own firearms. Gentle people live under a repressive kleptocracy under the Creep gang and it's psychopathic and blood thirsty leader, Manny Fraker. Gentle people are subject to pay tribute to the gang for "protection" from their violence. However, it all changes when Kersey is arrested by NYPD after inspecting his slain friend's apartment. He is then sent out onto the streets by Lieutenant Shriker to secretly work as a vigilante under the eyes of his precinct of the NYPD.

After Kersey returns to the neighborhood, he is greeted by his Chaley's (Kersey's friend who died in the beginning of the film) war buddy, a Puerto Rican man and his wife, an elderly Jewish couple, store owners and a lawyer who becomes Kersey's temporary fiance and teams up with them to thin out the herd of creeps.
Fraker had a death wish in Death Wish 3, and his wish was fulfilled
by The Harmeister March 30, 2008
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