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The main character in the anime/manga series Death Note. Killed criminals with his Death Note, and is called Kira, which is the engrish way Japanese people say killer. Has a god complex and eats potato chips in an epic manner. Was once handcuffed to his arch rival, L, for a prolonged period of time. Some fangirls believe buttsecks ensued. Eventually got owned by the shinigami Ryuk, because he no longer supplied adequate lulz for the bored god of death.
Light Yagami is gay, because Yagami spelled backwards is Imagay, or I'm a gay, thus proving homosexuality to be genetic.
#light #raito #yagami #gay #imagay #laighto #god #kira
by Goddess_Freya May 05, 2008
The main character of the anime Death Note that has a striking resemblance to Justin Bieber.
That anime was so predictable at the beginning, I knew Light Yagami was Kira. But who the hell is L?
#death note #anime #bieber hair #hot anime guys #l the detective
by Coolio Tick July 30, 2015
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