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The city of Dearborn, Michigan, USA, named that way because it is home to the largest Muslim population outside of the Middle East. The citizens of Dearbornistan engage in the acquisition of bomb-making materials, taking bomb-making classes at the city's countless bomb factories (aka: mosques) dissemination of violent jihadi literature, stoning women to death, yelling Allah Akbar whenever they get excited, and get hard-ons thinking about their 72 virgins which they will receive upon blowing themselves up in a crowd of non-Muslim infidels.
Guy 1: So I went to Dearbornistan over the summer, and frankly speaking, I really feared for my safety, when I saw those Muzzies.

Guy 2: Yeah, it'll be a matter of time, before these dirtbags, blow up America and establish their rule over the world.
#muslim #muzzies #bomb factory #jihad #allah akbar #muhammad #terrorist
by RBK4LIFE September 02, 2011
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