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Exclamatory and adjective used to describe an unfortunate situation. Any situation where the situation is unwanted like a pile of dead snakes.
1. Look it's raining outside! Deadsnakes!

2. Is that your mum making out with your sister? Due, that is totally deadsnakes.

3. You bought your girlfriend a lesbian porn mag for her birthday? That is such a deadsnakes present.
by Oh holy Jizzmaster April 29, 2012
Used to describe a generally undesirable and/or unfortunate scenario or event.
Person 1: Dude, I just found that I have leukemia!
Person 2: Wow that's pretty dead snakes for you
by megawalrus May 27, 2012
A used condom that is haphazardly discarded after use without regard to who may find it later.
The Principal separated the Men's and Women's dormitory after he found a dead snake in the janitor's closet.
by DannySaiz May 09, 2014