King of Wildhammer. Also known as "god" of wildhammer in the videogame World of Warcraft, (server, Wildhammer). He is fun, loving, and good with ladies. He is Trade chats "comedian"!
Peasant of wildhammer: OK MASTER!
by Kevin kissire July 14, 2008
Top Definition
Deadmager is a sexually frustrated teenager who gets his rocks off by being an absolute fool in the World of Warcraft Trade Chat on Wildhammer Server.

As a self-declared king, his only subjects are the few players who are either as foolish as him or drugged so far out of their mind that they could not distinguish a keyboard from a pancake.
/ignore Deadmager
by Gikyoushin September 01, 2008
troll. he does nothing on world of warcraft but troll the trade. you cannot take him seriously. he is delirious when he thinks he is the king of wildhammer, when really hordfaithful is.
deadmager: I am the king of wildhammer!
Randomguy43: no you're not, you're the king of taking it up the ass. and hordfaithful is the king of wildhammer.
by i<3heroin March 26, 2011
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