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n. pl. Dead teeth

A tooth that, after many years of neglect and submission to unfathomable disgusting shit, has turn black and is beginning to rot and chip away while still remaining visible and somehow attached at the root. The tooth always belongs to a foul, uncleanly, relatively uneducated whoreson.
That asshole at work always comes in smelling like a freight train of shit. He may also be the most unintelligent person I know, I guarantee he never brushes his teeth and he has one hell of a nasty DEAD TOOTH floating around somewhere in that cesspool he calls a mouth.
#dead toothing #putrid #asshole #fuck head #dt #rotten
by TittyfaceJenkins April 13, 2011
2 Words related to Dead tooth
name for a girl who has a dead tooth that is painfully obvious.

coincidentally, she never misses an opportunity to open her legs... or mouth.
"looks like deadtooth is off to the laundry room again"
#dead #tooth #deadtooth #slut #whore
by deadteeth are hot April 15, 2009
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