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A very good game that can ubdoubtedly scare a guy
/girl shitless, after the first five minutes of gameplay
Man1:dude want to play Dead Space.

Man2:no way I heard Jake's pants were never the same afterwards
by i am sofa king we todd ed February 17, 2009
A kick ass survival/horror game that takes place on an abandoned ship in space where you have to dismember the monsters, and the monsters learn how you attack and will set up traps to kill you. Fucking sweet.
Guy 1: What are you playing?

Guy 2: Dead Space.

Guy 1: Sweet.

(five minutes later)

Guy 1 and 2: HOLY FUCK!!!!!
by jetscream58 October 20, 2008
An sci-fi horror game, featuring spaceships, zombies, dismemberment, telekinesis and more awesome things.

When playing it, in normal condition, it will make guys crap their pants and girls burst into tears.

When playing it, while being stoned, you will first crap your pants and then nearly laugh yourself into a coma, everytime a zombie shows up.
white guy: "i'm gonna play dead space"
*zombie shows up*
white guy: "GEEZUS!!!"

black guy: "imma gonna play dead space'
*zombie shows up*
black guy: "OH SHIT NIGGA!!!"

stoned guy: "duuuude, i'm gonna play dead space"
*zombie shows up*
stoned guy: "GEEZUS!!! ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
by lalliman May 18, 2011
a myspace no one uses or abandoned.
"hey man, does he have a myspace?"
"yeah, but he never uses it, it's just a deadspace."
by the_t June 24, 2008
dead space is air that is inhaled by the body in breathing, but does not take part in gas exchange. Not all the air in each breath is able to be used for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. About a third of every resting breath is exhaled exactly as it came into the body. In adults, it is usually in the range of 150 mL.1

Because of dead space, taking deep breaths more slowly (e.g. ten 500 mL breaths per minute) is more effective than taking shallow breaths quickly (e.g. twenty 250 mL breaths per minute). Although the amount of gas per minute is the same (5 L/min), a large proportion of the shallow breaths is dead space, and does not allow oxygen to get into the blood.
EX 1: Dead space can be enlarged (and better envisaged) by breathing into a long tube. Even though one end of the tube is open to the air, when one inhales, it is mostly the carbon dioxide from expiration. Using a snorkel increases a diver's dead space in the airways.

EX 2: I totally did not just copy and paste the "dead space" article on Wikipedia
by Baconfrashbacon June 01, 2010
The myspace account that you haven't logged onto in 6 months.
Person 1 - Hey what ever happened to your myspace account?

Person 2 - You mean my dead space account? man it's hard to imagine there was life without facebook...
by bristol188 June 18, 2008
a screwed up piece of paper with a face that goes around attacking people.
ahhhh mate,you just got dead spaced!!
by lazerus11111 April 22, 2010
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