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The best kind of nazi!
The only good nazi is a DEAD nazi.
by NateAbel August 18, 2006
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A mixed drink containing 1/2 Jagermeister and 1/2 Rumpleminze; Usually drank as a shot. Seriously F*^ks you up!!!
"I went out and had 10 dead nazis, and ended up punching a bouncer and getting thrown out of the bar"
by o September 08, 2003
In reincarnation communities, someone who remembers a life in nazi Germany.
Things were tough for us dead nazis... we have a past life from hell.
by Revolucion November 03, 2007
A Nazi, preferably a German soldier or officer, that is deceased.

See Inglorious Basterd
The best Nazi are the dead ones. A dead Nazi's blood will give you cancer, so best if you don't let it spray on you if you happen to tourment or kill a Nazi.
by stebo22 January 31, 2010

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