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A word used to describe the superb video editing of a compilation on the internet - DVS for short.
That Mustang GT video compilation is so DeViouS.
by Almr March 05, 2010
19 25
Cunning, crafty, clever.
"Emma is deviously trying to get Cam."
by Macros March 24, 2003
155 34
to be slick, cunning, deceptive- dvs short for devious
he one slick, devious, cunning dude, dats y he need to check out, everyone should!!!!
by dvs-crew June 27, 2006
81 47
to be devious is to be sly and do something without the person noticing
"you'll never get me fitzy" without fitzy knowing devious
by mderbos August 10, 2009
32 21
evil, scheming, baosss behaviour
devious derek
by csquiggle June 13, 2011
18 15
DVS short for devious, being slick
check it dese kids are devious-
by da great June 27, 2006
12 15
A really gay way to say sneaky or cunning
person a: I'm so devious I just stole his money
Person b: Don't say devious
by tappin941 May 25, 2010
14 21