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to be devious is to be sly and do something without the person noticing
"you'll never get me fitzy" without fitzy knowing devious
#fitzy #dvs #dbs #uts #ohh
by mderbos August 10, 2009
a common phrase created by founder m.n when he had no short game and lost the head of his driver he founded OH it is said often when something bad or outrageous occurs

pronunciation is owh
"oi lad im gonna hit you in the face if you don't give me your lunch money" "OH"
#fitzy #dvs #dbs #uts #auowwwwqf7
by mderbos August 10, 2009
ots- on the sly to be devious
"tap on shoulder" person not realizing or lobbing bread at mderbos ots
#ohh #mderbos #dvs #ots #uts
by mderbos August 10, 2009
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