Coolest car EVER.

Known to most people via its use as a time machine in "Back to the Future." Ya don't think Doc woulda tricked out a minivan or a clunky SUV and sent that to another century, do ya?
Last Saturday, I was overcome by the presense of my friend's DeLorean. The wing-opening doors and polished steel exterior were especially pimpin'.
by skyblack June 09, 2004
An imaginary car that causes magical damage to a client's car during an insurance claim.
Client "The other car came out of nowhere"

Insurance Adjuster "Ah, must have been a delorean"
by MBP2000 November 20, 2013
quoting or referencing something you have know knowledge in or about.
Richard just said "I'll be back" but he's never seen the Terminator. He's such a delorean!
by NunWrestling February 04, 2014
The most unfortunate car ever. The coolest looking car ever with the worst engine ever built.
Can be used to describe something in a similar situation.
Dude A: My xbox 360 exploded...
Dude B: What a Delorean.
by aeorro June 17, 2006

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