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A girl who is so amazing she is desired by any and every guy everywhere. Stands out for her long dark hair and normally has gorgeous deep blue eyes. This, along with her smarts, personality, looks, and overall hotness, cause every guy to want to have her. However, Delanies normally are saving themselves for marriage because they have higher morals, which causes much hatin' on the part of the guys and the other gals (who are mad the guys are paying so much attention to the Delanies).
Dude 1: Hey, look at that gorgeous chick over there!
Dude 2: Holy cow! She is a total Delanie!

Pervert 1: Dude! Peep that babe over there! I wanna spend some quality time with her (evil perverted chuckle).
Pervert 2: Nah, don't even try. She is a real Delanie.
by StraightTruth February 14, 2011
a really cool, hot, really awesome person :]
That asian girl DeLanie is just too awesome.
by Daltry March 06, 2007
A girl that is slightly concited but cool hot and awesome none the less
That girl is Delanie and she love wildife
by Matrix Sol February 04, 2010
an original; to be the first to come up with.
Bill Gates is delanie because of his invention of the ipod.
by Aspen. May 07, 2008
a cool, chill, amazing girl that everyone loves. they are known for originality and uniqueness with their decisions. always the trend setters, never the followers.
Person 1: Woah, look at Delanie!
Person 2: I want to hang out with her!
Person 1: Me too!
by BeachFreak120 July 02, 2011

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