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A damn-fine fine-looker. If DeGaray was a mexican cuisine he would be a Mole Pablano due to his spicy nature. DeGarays are too hot to touch and when looking a DeGaray straight in the eye ball you will be forced to salivate freely from the oral cavity. If a DeGaray was an animal he would clearly be a banana slug. Not only do they have nearly identical physiques, but similar penile organs as well. The banana slug has a penile organ that can grow to be the size of it's body. Im not saying that DeGarays have 5 1/2 to 6 foot "goofy goobers" but they are known to never wear shorts and the girth of one leg always wider than the other. You may ask "Which leg's bigger the right or left? You know, hows it hanging? ;). When asked DeGarays simply reply with, "It depends on my mood."
Kevin: "WOW! Who's that damn-fine fine-looker over there with one thick leg?"

John: "Oh thats a DeGaray can't you tell."
by SlowJammer69 February 07, 2014
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