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a ugly french woman who wears skin tight clothing that shows off her bare midriff, her large lumpy breasts, and her big gut. She is about 55 and has false teeth that come out, making it easier for her to give her student, Emeka, a blow job. She wears sun dresses that have slits going all the way up her ass and that cover up nothing. Never look at her, or u will see the ugliest face in the world.
What a fucking deboever! urgh, shit, thats nasty!
1)A pig of a human being, who screams at kids for not knowing everything about math, while she know barely any English;
2)a slobbering person;
3)someone who spits out their false teeth;
4)a middle age, husky woman who wears cheap boots and sundresses, and occasionally a bare midriff dress.
Look out! Here comes DeBoever!
by I hate DeBoever March 10, 2004