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Literally translates as "of the Depths" or, with modification, "from the depths". Any reference to a being emerging from the pit of dispair to greater things is entirely contextual.
Oscar Wilde famously wrote a long letter - later titled "De Profundis" - after his release from Reading Gaol.
by Pete April 10, 2005
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Latin for "the depths of sorrow". Used when you are extremely depressed, as if your in the darkest, deepest pit of sorrow
when I don't take my meds, I can become De Profundis
by claky March 30, 2009
Latin: coming out of the depths to greatness
"John Travolta really went de profundis in 'Pulp Fiction'"
by Eli Rockwilder August 05, 2004
I Will have babies of: WOT, Cassed, radiosityg, etc.
(but is particularly partial to Cassed..ooOOoh daddy)
is commonly found running naked through desert
by bob December 03, 2004

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